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The Baler operation is very simple:
  1. Open the plastic bag and pull it onto the baler compression chute.
  2. Close the hinged gate on the chute.
  3. Feed shavings into fill chute (you can view height of shavings through chute window).
  4. Run compression ram into chute.
  5. Reverse compression ram to starting point.
  6. Repeat running compression ram until bale is correct length (varies with shavings quality).
  7. Open the hinged gate on the chute.
  8. Run compression ram to push shavings into bag and out of compression chute.
  9. Tie or tape the top of the bag.
Note: To get a good, solid bale, you need wood shavings with a fair amount of curl. Small, fine shavings or sawdust will not hold their shape well after baling.