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About Real Tuff Industries

Real Tuff Industries has been producing the Realtuff Balers for over 40 years. Our balers are in service in several countries around the world such as Turkey, Spain and Canada. We also have hundreds of balers located costs to cost in the United States. Our balers are manufactured by M&F Gauge & Specialty Co., Inc. in Brownwood, Texas. Each baler is hand crafted, built by highly skilled machinists and welders to the exact specifications of the customer's needs.

With the use of 100% heavy duty products there are several options and applications that make the Real Tuff Baler ideal for light to heavy industrial baling needs. The Real Tuff Baler has no problem running 24 hours a day for maximum output. Our onsite Quality Control Department tests the balers operation before each unit ships out.

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Baler with Electric Motor$15,907.00
Baler with Diesel Motor$22,087.00
Full Automatic Control for either unit$5,665.00

Size Examples

Real Tuff BalerBale SizeBales Per Hour
12" X 16" X 36"4.0 cubic foot bale50 - 60 bales per hour
12" X 16" X 32"3.5 cubic foot bale50 - 60 bales per hour
11" X 17" X 36"3.9 cubic foot bale50 - 60 bales per hour
8" X 18" X 36"3.0 cubic foot bale50 - 60 bales per hour
5" X 10" X 16" - Call For Price.04 cubic foot bale50 - 60 bales per hour